A THANKSGIVING PRAYER (Honoring Native Americans)

six-cosy-firesides-ballynahinch-libraryThank you Father for Mother Earth
For emerald trees so slim and tall;
For the daily breath you bring to life
—Great Father of us all.
Thank you for the world’s brotherhood
Of all races, colors and creeds
For divinely ordered diversity—–
Is what our whole world needs.
Thank you for azure lakes and streams
You’ve sprinkled along earth’s sod–
For this earth is but the frozen echo
—Of your awesome voice, O God.
For lightning and deep rolling thunder
For swift songbirds upon the wing;
For stars at night to shine so bright
—Thank you Father for everything.
Thank you Father for fields and forests
For the daily strength to carry on—
Thank you for this Thanksgiving Day
For making all mankind—all one.

2011 by Douglas Raymond Rose
Member Academy of American Poets


About poetdoug

Free-lance Author-Writer-Speaker Member Academy of American Poets Member Texas State Teachers Association Member Texas State Historical Society Award-winning free-lance writer
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