I sleep in fox holes

With little to eat—

I stand at my post

In cold, heat or sleet.

My Dad stood watch in the jungles of Nam

——-A faithful American Soldier—I Am.

I’m here by my own choice

I’m here day and night–

My Gramps died at Pearl Harbor

On that now fateful night;

I’m taking my turn for one and for all

Making sure that Old Glory shall never fall.

I’m away from my dear family

My own kids and my home–

My wife sends me ictures

Often I’m fearful and alone——

All I ask is tht you pray for this son of Uncle Sam

—-ImageA dedicated and faithful American Soldier—I Am.

2012 by Douglas Raymond Rose

Member Academy of American Poets


About poetdoug

Free-lance Author-Writer-Speaker Member Academy of American Poets Member Texas State Teachers Association Member Texas State Historical Society Award-winning free-lance writer
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  2. Natalie says:

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    Because you are on page 8…8!! I went through pages and
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