If our thoughts become our words, and our words become our actions, what does this mean for people of real Faith?

The Missionary consciousness of early Christians was more a matter of reflecting the life and power of Christ in everyday activities than of sending out missionaries. Christian love and concern was more than a matter of verbal profession. It expressed itself in concrete activities and relationships. There was the duty of hospitality to strangers and travelers. Alms were set aside for feeding and burying the poor and supporting orphans and the elderly. The virtue of hard work was taught and employment opportunities were proved to all interested. Just so today, especially in times of tornado and hurricane disasters and fire emergencies, Christians are needed to come on the scene and display rare, raw courage. In times like these, "Faith Talk" can be cheap. Much less needs to be said, and much more done if we are to be the Christian examples that are needed in America today. We need less "Talkee"—and more "Walkee" Christians.

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