(A response to the Presidential Inauguration, 2013)

I am the grateful grandson of a grateful Immigrant

I have so much to share———

About growing up speaking two languages

—-I felt beautifully blessed by both.

When my grandfather arrived on American soil

He worked his way over on a cargo ship

Nothing was ever handed to him

But a sweet smile from Lady Liberty;

As he dutifully docked at Ellis Island.

He quickly studied the bakery trade in Chicago

and soon to South Texas he did come—-

Opening a German Restaurant-Bakery in Shiner

The family business he officially founded there.

Later he moved on to San Antonio

New entrepreneurial projects there to begin;

Soon the poor little Immigrant boy—

Was blessed both by his God and his hard work

Success came as he worked for America—-

——–And not the other way around.

My Immigrant grandfather spoke two languages

And taught his native-born offspring to do so too;

Being an American made him most proud—

As he proudly pledged the Red–White–and Blue.

Grandpa loved celebrating Freedom's Fourth of July

All the fabulous fireworks saluting the high sky;

It made him thankful to live in a country—-

Where freedom reigns from sea to shining sea.

As he warmly hugged us small grandsons

He would humbly bow his head in prayer;

Thanking God for 'purple mountain majesty'

And golden amber waves of grain."

The Eyes of Texas stayed upon him

——-All the blessed live-long day—

The Eyes of God also went to and fro

Guiding dear Papa in the great American way.

He often got a large lump in his throat

When the Star Spangled Banner was sung;

Because he knew God had blessed both he and America

Now, it was his turn to return the favor to God and Old Glory

So he spent the rest of his American life doing so.

I am the grateful grandson of a great Immigrant

Thanks to Grandpa—America—-and God!

2013 by Douglas Raymond Rose

Member Academy of American Poets, USA

Member Texas State Historical Society

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About poetdoug

Free-lance Author-Writer-Speaker Member Academy of American Poets Member Texas State Teachers Association Member Texas State Historical Society Award-winning free-lance writer
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