I would love to be Mickey Mouse at the NEW BUSH PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY OPENING this week here in Dallas! Thus I wrote this POEM:

There once was a Texas mouse named Mickey

To the new Bush Library Opening he did go;

He took Minnie and all his hungry friends

——A juicy Library feast their big goal!

He followed around all the past presidents

He even gave Obama's Chicago coat a tag;

He loved running with all the world's big wigs

(After all, the cat's now out of the bag!)

They also chased Clinton and Carter

And don't forget dear ole Dad Bush too;

After all, big feasts like this don't come often

(Tons of paper products to get to chew through)

Mickey and Minnie and the Mice had a ball

——All in all a tastefully delightful day;

The Texas mice all plan a reunion in Hawaii

When Obama gets his big 'Retirement Day"!

2013 by Douglas Raymond Rose

Member Academy of American Poets

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About poetdoug

Free-lance Author-Writer-Speaker Member Academy of American Poets Member Texas State Teachers Association Member Texas State Historical Society Award-winning free-lance writer
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