I HAVE A DREAM (2013 Echo to 1963)

Almighty God

—– I Have A Dream–

A Dream for the Unity of America today

Where all our hearts are knit together I pray;

Where all races, creeds and colors are woven together

Bind us together in a Unity pattern by your heaven-sent Peace.

Come now O lord and divinely intervene

Untie this chaotic know called earth

Bind together our diverse hearts and souls

Unify us together as we bow in humble prayer

Draw us like stay sheep all back into one fold.

—-I Have A Dream for Peace

I Have a Dream

That one day the rough places will be made smooth

That the jangling discords of our national noises

Will be turned into a symphony of harmonious brotherhood

And our sordid storm clouds will revert to calmer blue skies;

It will not matter what we owned, or what we were owed

Our grudges, gripes, resentments,frustrations and jealousies

Will finally disappear—and all wins and loses fade away.

——-I Have A Dream—for Unity.

I pray for Peace to ring from New York harbor's Statue of Liberty

Echoing down to San Antonio, Texas' historic Mission walls of The Alamo.

Let it Ring from the great smoky mountains of Tennessee

To the mighty mountains of California's rambling west coast too;

—–I Have a Dream—for Peace

Now is the time to make Peace a priority reality for our offspring

Now is the time to lift our nation's collective voice up from

The queasy, quick sand of immorality to the solid Ground of Godlinesss

We refuse to believe that the Bank of Morality is officially Bankrupt.

—–I Have a Dream

That all God's children will stand bravely together

A shining sea and mass choir of American blended voices

But instead of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass voices—

These voices are diversely Black, and White, Rich and {Poor

Spanish and Asian, Indian, Jewish, Arabic, Youth to Senior adults

Together we shall sing colorfully clothed in the cloak of Unity.

The spectacularly hypnotic Hymn of the Republic—

Mine Eyes have Seen the glory of the Coming of the Lord

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;

He hath loosed his faithful lightning of His terrible swift sword

His Truth is Marching On.

Glory, Glory Hallelujah–Glory Glory Hallelujah

Glory, Glory Hallelujah–His Truth is Marching On.

We sing together in Unity until we all reach that Shining City upon the Hill

It matters not what you bought, but what you built, not what you got

—- but what you gave

That all God's people of every color and race would be granted our founder's Promise of Life—Liberty—and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Together, We Shall Overcome—

God Bless American, my Home Sweet Home.

—–I Have a Dream

2013 by Douglas Raymond Rose

Member Academy of American Poets

Texas State Historical Society

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About poetdoug

Free-lance Author-Writer-Speaker Member Academy of American Poets Member Texas State Teachers Association Member Texas State Historical Society Award-winning free-lance writer
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