"Look for the Light"

My Dad (US Air Force Sergeant Raymond Rose)took part in the invasion of Guam during World War II.

The night Dad's unit arrived at the island–which was still in Japanese hands–he was placed in a rowboat with three other young soldiers, under strict orders not to advance until they saw the signal—a flashing light in the east.

A thousand fears took shape in the soldiers' minds. To take their minds off the situation, they talked about home and the families they'd left behind.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, a small flashing light appeared in the distance, signaling them to the shore.

My father, Sgt. Raymond Rose, made it home safely to his wife and son (me).

Dad liked to say that all our lives were like that night he'd spent during the war; surrounded by fear and uncertainty, finding comfort in one another as we wait in darkness for a distant signal. Remembering that story has helped ease the pain of my father's death in 1991. I'm sure he received God's signal and followed the light home to Heaven.

2013 by Douglas Raymond Rose


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