This event changed history and me forever!

My Dad was there to witness the Presidential Motorcade as it advanced down the crowded Dallas city streets. His eyes made contact with President Kennedy's just minutes before JFK's were closed forever.

The day President Kennedy died—I became a man—and the world was changed forever.

My own father's church was only a couple miles from Downtown Dallas.

On that fateful November day, I was attending classes at my college and all of a sudden the News media waves jammed with the stunning words:" JFK gunned down in Downtown Dallas". I panicked. All of Dallas panicked!

Our entire campus went into panic mode as if precursor for the 9-11 Terriorist Attack that would occur years later.

While a big black blanket of Terror shrouded the city, it also circumvented local school campuses. My own brother David was in the 10th grade. He told me: "We were at lunch when pandemonium set in. Kids with transistor radios started hollering" The President's been Shot!" and we were all sent back to our home rooms until the dismissal bell rang. We were told there were Nuns there to counsel students experiencing trauma. I called home to make sure Dad was back safely. He was, thank God."

We all prayed for the Presidential family and for God to protect America. How could this have happened in the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?"

Our faith was severely tried and tested but our hearts remained strong and true. Yes, the year was 1963 when I dramatically turned age 21 and became a man—-and American now became of Age.

2013 by Douglas Raymond Rose

Member Texas State Historical Association

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